Holiday Spiced Hot Cocoa – Swiateczna Goraca Czekolada – Recipe #290

Holiday Spiced Hot Cocoa – Swiateczna Goraca Czekolada – Recipe #290

Ingredients: 1 cups any nut milk 2 tbs heavy cream 2tbsp sweetener 1 tbsp cocoa powder 1 shot of rum (optional) Instructions: Warm up the milk and cream in a microwave. Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth and foamy. Serve […]

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie – Koktajl Truskawkowo Smietankowy – Recipe #170

Ingredients: 1 cup of heavy whipping cream 1 cup of almond milk 500 grams of strawberries 2 to 4 tbs of honey 2 tsp of vanilla extract   Instructions: Wash the strawberries and remove the leaves. Cut them in half.  You can pop them in […]

Mulled Beer With Egg – Grzanka Piwna z Jajkiem – Recipe #120

Ingredients: 0,5 litre of beer 2 egg yolks 1/4 cup of sugar 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice Instructions: Transfer the beer into a saucepan, add vanilla and spice.  On a medium low heat bring to slow simmer. While your beer […]

Rum Spiced Apple Cider – Jablecznik z rumem – Ania’s Polish recipe #6

Ingredients: 4 cups apple cider 1 orange 6 cinnamon sticks around 12 whole cloves 1/4 cup light brown sugar plus more for cups decoration one shot of rum per serving a bit of honey to decorate the mug Instructions: Wash the orange, cut it in […]

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