Kulebiak with Cabbage and Mushrooms – Kulebiak z Kapusta i Grzybami Recipe #231


  • 4 cups of cabbage with mushrooms
  • 1 pack of puff pastry 450g
  • egg for an egg wash


  1. Strain the cabbage.
  2. Dust your working surface with some flour and roll the puff pastry a little bit.
  3. Cut the edges keeping the stripes of pastry for decorations.
  4. Cut 1/3 of the rectangle for the bottom of the kulebiak and transfer on to  baking sheet lined with a parchment paper.
  5. Brush the edges with the egg wash and transfer the cabbage to the middle.
  6. Cover with the remaining puff pastry and brush with en egg wash.
  7. Decorate with the stripes of pastry and seal the edges with a fork.
  8. Poke few wholes with a knife and bake in a preheated oven to 200C/400F for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown.
  9. Let it cool on the cooling rack!


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