Quick Endive salad – Szybka Salatka z Cykorii – Ania’s Polish Food Recipe #30

Ingredients: few endives few tbs of mayo 1 tbs of mustard 1 tbs of lemon juice salt and pepper Instructions: Wash your endives and cut the hard ends off. Slice the endives in 1 cm slices and transfer to  your mixing bowl. Add lemon juice, mayo and […]

Veggie Salad – Salatka Jarzynowa – Ania’s Polish Food Recipe #16

Ingredients: 2 large potatoes 4 medium carrots 2 medium parsley roots 1 small celery root 4 eggs 2 small apples (sour) 3 or 4 medium pickled cucumbers 1 can of sweet peas 1/2 cup of mayonnaises 2 tbs of mustard salt and pepper Instructions: Wash your vegetables and apples. […]

Smoked Turkey Salad – Salatka z Wedzonym Indykiem – Ania’s Polish recipe #8

Ingredients: around 300 grams of smoked turkey or chicken 300 grams pineapple – one can 270 grams corn – one can 3/4 cup of rice 4 tbs of mayonnaise 2 tbs Dijon mustard salt and pepper Instructions: Cook the rice according to package instructions and let it cool. Take the skin […]

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